Joining Numerator

It was a bright sunny day when I received a call from a talent scouting partner telling me about a leadership position with Numerator. Numerator was mulling over the idea of establishing a brand new workspace in Pune (MH), India. Although I was not actively looking for a job change, the position profile was exciting enough to propel me to explore the option.

During my first interview at Numerator, I met with three leaders from the engineering and product teams: Joshua Greenough, Chief Technology Officer; Shalin Shah, VP of Product, and Kevin Fenger, Head of Architecture.

It was an interesting, robust interview, where each interviewer focused on specific areas of my experience and asked thought-provoking questions. After a while, the interview naturally transformed into a discussion, wherein I learned more about the company background, engineering challenges that they were looking to solve, and how the Pune (MH) office fit into the greater Numerator puzzle.

I had several rounds of individual and panel interviews, in which I presented my thoughts and resolutions for the real-time problem or situations. These interviews served a dual purpose: they showcased how I would approach and solve real-life scenarios, and also introduced me to other leaders at Numerator.

These interactions made me realize that the bar is set high at Numerator. Each leader I met was smart, experienced, humble, and genuinely curious. I concluded that Numerator must be a great place to work and grow.

After my positive interview experience, I was certain that if given the opportunity, I would surely join this venture and help write the next interesting chapter at Numerator.

So how can my story help you in your job search?

Well, when you seek a job change, you generally evaluate the new opportunity on the following parameters:

  1. Company profile
  2. Job security
  3. Career advancement opportunities
  4. Work location
  5. Salary / benefits

Here are just a few things which I learned during the interview, and from my own research, which affirmed that I was making the correct decision.

Company Profile

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I began with the typical starting point -- a Google search, where I quickly learned that. Numerator was formed by the union of Market Track and InfoScout, two leading companies in the market research space.

MarketTrack provided insight into how advertising, promotional, and eCommerce activity impacted consumer purchasing decisions. They had a well-established foundation of providing insight into the marketing mix elements that influence where, when, and how consumers shop.

InfoScout maintained America’s largest, most representative shopper panel, monitoring consumer purchase activity across both online and brick-and-mortar retail channels. The company collected real-time purchase data across every key consumer category, from consumer electronics to consumer packaged goods (CPG), and enabled on-demand access for its clients.

The creation of Numerator by joining these two impressive entities, enabled the linking of omnichannel marketing and pricing activity to actual sales results, positioning the combined set of intelligence to “close the loop” for the most complex and top-of-mind challenges facing CMOs today.

This, of course, opens up several exciting opportunities for creating synergies between two functions and delivering end-to-end solutions to the customer.

Job Security

Job Security

Numerator is funded by Vista Equity Partners, a leading private equity firm with over $57 billion in capital commitments and 20+ years of investing exclusively in enterprise software. The group currently houses more than 60 enterprise software, data, and technology-enabled companies. It serves over 200 million users and employs more than 75,000 people around the globe.

Studies have proven that whenever there is a downward trend in the economies, companies begin to stream their investments with caution, whilst when there is an upward trend, companies propel towards the fastest-growing segments. Thus, they always seek intelligent data analytics backed by research ensuring they are investing at the correct time and place. Numerator is primarily focused on data analysis and research and it is the right place for all these companies to invest in.

Career Advancement Opportunities

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Numerator is transforming to build next-gen software with bleeding-edge technology. It offers tremendous career growth to anyone who aggressively works to make things perform, and has a go-getter attitude with a passion to succeed.

During my interview, I learned that if one joins Numerator now, one's growth is exponential. One has the right visibility and one becomes an important asset to the Numerator with all the responsibilities and accountability. One becomes the owner of one's actions. It empowers everyone to learn how the entire ecosystem functions.

Hence, one can build and engage with a lot of stuff that one doesn’t get to do in several other organizations.

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There are immense opportunities to engage with creativity, entrepreneurship, and career satisfaction. By wearing many hats, one gains invaluable insight into what they are really good at.

Personally, for me, I feel happy to have new responsibilities and taking up unforeseen challenges, and getting out of my comfort zone.

Work Location

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Numerator Pune (MH) India office is centrally located at the co-working space, which is next to Sheraton Grand Hotel. It is around half an hour’s drive from Pune International Airport. With Pune Metro station coming up near the office it will be immensely easy and comfortable to commute to the office.

The office is part of a plush co-working space with all modern facilities.


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Numerator offers salary on par with the industry standard, and salaries are directly proportional to skills and expertise.

It’s obvious that the organization believes in recruiting right. A potential candidate has to appear for multiple online assessments that test their aptitude and technical ability, which is followed by rounds of in-person interviews by the immediate manager, functional head, and HR. The evaluation process plays an integral role in determining the skill level and eventually, the pay and responsibilities.

Apart from the actual remuneration, Numerator Pune provides additional benefits such as:

  • Health insurance for family
  • Personal Accident insurance
  • Term insurance

Numerator appreciates and recognizes the value of having a diverse, dynamic, and open work environment. Benefits include:

  • Flexible work schedules
  • Open office layout designed to maximize team interaction
  • Comprehensive coverage of all types of leaves
  • Paid leave for maternity, paternity, and prolonged sickness
  • Flexibility in public holidays to support individual preferences
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Numerator runs multiple internal programs for the employees to socialize with peers, give back to the community, and celebrate milestones. These include:

  • Frequent social activities and cultural celebrations
  • Birthdays & anniversary celebrations
  • Outings
  • CSR Activities

Numerator strongly values curiosity, transparency, entrepreneurship, and empathy -- all of which are demonstrated by the leadership team on a daily basis. The open-door policy, I must say, is taken very seriously across the organization which in turn helps in building not just an employee-friendly environment but also a dynamic culture for the organization. Frequent employee surveys and communication ensure an equal platform for every employee to communicate openly with anyone, anywhere across the entire organization.